Courtney is Zwift’s Director of Engineering & Machine Learning focused on Data Strategy and Governance. She joined Zwift to define and democratize data through accessible, scalable platforms and to create processes that will advance the business.

Prior to Zwift, Courtney led Nike’s Digital Transformation team, Insights & Innovation for AT&T’s Entertainment Group, and DIRECTV’s Competitive Intelligence team.

Courtney has strong operational skills and a specialty in data-driven strategic analysis. Her experience includes predictive analytics, machine learning, economic analysis, client engagement, strategic communications, data democratization, generating actionable insights, and creating efficiency through innovative solutions. Her speciality is delivering complex data products on tight timelines in a fast-paced environment while concurrently exploring what’s possible for the future.

Her previous work includes economic consulting, strategic planning, and litigation support for large public and private companies.

Courtney is also the co-founder of Seabird, an app created to find worthwhile content and other media on the internet.

To learn more about Courtney, connect with her on LinkedIn.